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Speech and Language Evaluation
  • An individual with a speech / language disorder should be brought to a speech language pathologist to find out the type of disorder that has affected individual and its cause.
  • Speech language pathologist evaluate the cause and the severity of the condition
  • Speech language pathologist conducts specific standard test to access the receptive, expressive and cognitive levels of the child
  • Check whether there is swallowing / voice disorder
  • Communicate / discuss with the parents about the communicative ability and other aspects
  • Based on the test, suggest therapeutic activities
Therapeutic Approach
  • Speech Therapy techniques vary depending on the problem and its severity 
  • Speech language pathologist engage the child in interesting conversation by using objects having certain meaning associated with them
  • Speech therapy exercise are used to for resolving problems related to voice / resonance, articulation, fluency and other problems
  • Articulation activities include teaching sounds which are used with children having articulatory problems
  • Oral motor activities are used for patients with neurological problem wherein the clinician asks the patient to mimic different facial movements.
  • Exercises are given in order to slow down the speech in case of cluttering, apraxia, etc
  • Vocal training / phonation exercises are given for individual with voice problems. Softwares are used (VAGMI, Dr Speech, etc)
  • For individuals having hearing loss speech therapy started after using hearing aids since hearing and speech are closely related
  • Physical impairment like cleft lip and palate should be asked to undergo surgery along with speech therapy
  • Regular sections of practice is needed for better prognosis


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